Ridgecrest and Sales Tax

Ridgecrest’s largest form of revenue is sales tax. "But I shop online!" you think, "doesn’t that money come back to the city?"

The state of California receives the sales tax that is paid online. The state then distributes the funds to the counties. Kern County then pays out the pooled sales tax based on the portion of sales made in store fronts. The purchases made in town directly affects the amount of online sales tax the city of Ridgecrest receives. And still, sales tax is the city’s greatest form of income. So shop local when you can!

Top Investment Priority?

What is the top investment priority for your community?

When asked what the top investment priority for Ridgecrest should be at our February 5th membership meeting, 46% of participants chose economic development as their response. At the Economic Outlook Conference, 39% of the audience had the same response (tied with quality of life - another aspect of our mission). The low level of responses for public safety (6%) and infrastructure (15%) demonstrates that Measures L and V have impacted their intended targets and we are grateful to be in a safe community. Physical arrests have fluctuated over the last ten years, but the police department’s ability to enforce the law has increased with the number of patrol units increasing from 13 in 2010 to 20 in 2018. Where are you located? What do you think the top investment priority should be for your community?

2019 Economic Outlook Conference Recap

"Expect a boring economy"

Economist Mark Schniepp spoke about the economic forecast for 2019 at the IWV Economic Outlook Conference on Thursday, February 28, 2019. A call for the audience to raise their hands, showed that many are holding their breath in preparation for the next recession. Dr. Schniepp cautioned to prepare, but not hold one's breath quite yet, or you will surely pass out. No recession is in the forecast for 2019. At this time, the outlook is good. Economic indicators point to another year of positive growth. Businesses should start planning for the next recession and watch budgets and staffing levels. For now though, things are 'boring', which when it comes to the economy is good. As Senior Executive from NAWCWD, Harlan Kooima stated, "if this is boring, give me more of it." The tight labor market is a nationwide phenomenon making recruitment and retention difficult for all industries. Dr. Schniepp stated that individuals are in the position to demand more from their employer, and if demands aren't met, they can find it elsewhere. "If you are considering it, now is the time to make a change."

So with this positive report also came some challenges. The Indian Wells Valley Economic Development Corporation is ready to go to work. Let us know what the IWV EDC can do for your workplace. As outlined in the presentation by our Executive Director, Scott O'Neil, we aim to serve those already in the area, and those looking to expand to Ridgecrest. We can provide data for investors and can help make pertinent connections. Our existing and new videos can be used to help with recruitment. We are also asked polling questions around offering educational sessions. Information will be forthcoming!


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To enhance the economic prosperity and quality of life in the Indian Wells Valley. Our organization is dedicated to broadening the business base, creating new businesses, and recruiting new and diverse Industries.  Our emphasis is on direct jobs which supplement and create the need for expansion of the existing service sector.


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